College Apartment Study Zone Tips

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Designing the right study space for your college apartment

The new school year is just around the corner. To keep you from getting stressed out about all the homework and tests, its important to have a place at your college apartment where you can get all your work done without distractions. We put together some tips to help put your college apartment study zone together so that you can start the year off on the right foot.  

Choose the space

When you are setting up your study zone, you want to pick a spot that will have minimal distractions, provides sufficient lighting, and isn’t an area that is used for social activities. If you are sharing an apartment with a roommate, consider creating your study area in your bedroom near a window so that you get natural light during the day.

Pick Furniture

When selecting furniture, think about what will work best for you. A desk doesn’t work for everyone, so if a bean bag chair, hammock, or exercise ball is your thing, go for it. Since you will be studying for long hours, find something to sit on that is comfortable but not so comfortable that you could fall asleep in it.  

Lighting is Important

Some nights you might be up late into the night, so it will be important to have a lamp that will provide ample light. During the day, try to use as much natural light as possible as it could boost your mood.  

Keep Your Space Organized

To stay focused and in the zone, you will want to keep your space organized and clean to keep your stress levels at a minimum. If there is clutter everywhere, your mind may start wandering elsewhere. Consider using floating shelves, organization trays, or drawers to organize your books, utensils, and assignments. Use a calendar or planner so that you can plan when you will start and finish your upcoming assignment.  Keep highlighters, pencils, and pens within an arm’s reach.  

Get Rid of Distractions

It’s fun to hang pictures of friends and family around your apartment but consider keeping them away from your study area as they could cause you to start reminiscing and losing your focus. Consider hanging a motivational quote or calendar instead. Find a place where you can keep your phone that is out of sight. If your phone is right next to you, it will be too tempting to scroll through Instagram or check that text about last Friday night.  

Personalize your Area

Ultimately, you should set your space up so that it works for you. Make your space a place where you feel calm and don’t get stressed about returning to. Add touches that make it an inviting area and help you feel your best.

Fun tip: According to a Huffington Post article, orange can help you concentrate. The color helps you focus, concentrate, and organize which makes it the perfect pop of color for your study space.

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