How do I change my furnace filter?

It is important to change your furnace filter as it helps keep the air cleaner and will prevent heating problems. Try to change your furnace filter monthly or bi-monthly (at the minimum). If your building is new, change it on a monthly basis as it will help get dust out of the air from sheetrock. Additionally, if you have pet or bad allergies, try to change it monthly.

Where you change the filter will vary across properties and furnaces. Somewhere on the furnace, there will be a slot that pulls out like a drawer.

  • Open the slot.
  • Take note of which way the current filter is facing.
  • Remove your current furnace filter.
  • Insert the new furnace filter so that is faces the same direction as the old one. When inserting, make sure that the arrow is pointing to the furnace.
  • You can buy filters at any local hardware store or online. The size you need will be listed on the exterior of the furnace or on your old filter.
  • Please note that if you are having heating problems, check your furnace filter before contacting us. If the problem is the furnace filter, you will be charged a service fee.
  • Furnace filters are a resident’s responsibility as it is a consumable item.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please call our office at 701-356-3086 and we will send our maintenance team to help you.

What are the rental transaction fees?

As of December 1st, 2018, new rental transaction fees will go into effect. This change will make it easier and cheaper for you to use your debit card. The new transaction fees will be as follows:

Debit Card Payments

  • $0-$1,000 = $3.95/Transaction
  • $1,000.01-$2,000 = $4.95/Transaction
  • $2,000.01 & up = $5.95/Transaction

Credit Card Payments

  • 3% of Transaction

ACH Payments

  • $1.00/Transaction

How do I program my garage remote?

To program your garage remote, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to garage motor and press yellow or purple button located on the back of the motor.
  • Wait for the small light next to the button to go solid.
  • Press and hold button on garage remote.
  • Motor light should blink and that will signify that your remote has been programmed.
  • Release garage remote button.
  • Exit garage and test.

If you are in need of further assistance, contact Prairie Property Management at 701-356-3085 or

How do I reset a tripped circuit breaker?

The first thing you should do whenever you have an electrical problem is check that you don’t have a tripped circuit breaker.

Steps to resetting a tripped circuit:

  • Find your electrical box. This is usually located in a utility closet, laundry room, or the garage.
  • Open the cover of the electrical box.
  • Look at the panel and see if any of the switches are not in line with the others.
  • Check the inside cover of the electrical box and see which switch it is. Make sure that it is the same switch that you are having electric problems with.
  • Turn the switch all the way off and then turn it all the way on.

If you continue to have electrical problems, please call the Prairie Property Management office at 701-356-3085 and we will send someone to see what the problem is.

How do I adjust my HVAC register for airflow?

As we all know, heat rises. So, if your top floor is warmer than your lower level floors, you will need to adjust your registers. You will want to open your basement register so that is completely open. Adjust your main level register to be half open and your top floor register to a ¼ of the way open. To push heat to the lower levels in the summer, you will want to do the opposite.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please call our office at 701-356-3086 and we will send our maintenance team to help you.